Nashville Floral Preservation

Meet the Founder

Merritt is native to Nashville, TN and was married in Nashville in early 2022. When she was planning her wedding she discovered modern floral preservation. Merritt found there were very limiting options in Nashville for local floral preservationists so combining her background with flowers and art she decided to work with brides and individuals wanting to preserve precious keepsakes to create long lasting centerpieces for their families to cherish for generations. Merritt has always loved valuable keepsakes and family treasures. Wanting to share this love with others, she founded Every Reason | Nashville Floral Preservation in 2022.

Every Reason offers a unique experience local to middle Tennessee creating custom centerpieces from cherished flowers. Her heart is that clients feel confident that their flowers are in good hands.

The studio location is just south of Nashville. We offer options for local drop off, pick up, and can be shipped flowers. Please email us with any questions you may have or send us a message on Instagram.

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