Frequently Asked Questions

We are located south of Nashville, making our services very convenient for many Nashville events. The address in Spring Hill will be sent to you after booking. Completed artwork can be shipped wherever you call home after the process is complete!

We recommend booking as soon as you know your wedding date or at least nine months out! Due to space we can only take a certain number of bouquets each month. Spots fill up fast! – At times we can accommodate last minute orders, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!

The fresher the better! Flowers that are brought to the studio the day after the event are going to preserve better and therefore look much better in the resin piece. I will not accept flowers more than four days past the event date.

The preservation process is a delicate and very slow process that can take six to nine months from the time of drop-off. You will be notified by email when they are finished so can schedule a time to pick up your keepsakes.

Every piece is handmade by imperfect humans. Each bouquet will be treated with love and care!

Yes! Preserving your already dried bouquet is a great way to protect it and display it in your home for years to come! At time dust and debris can get into these flowers and it may show up in resin, we are not responsible for this.

Flowers are preserved with silica gel/sand that helps to preserve the color and shape of the flowers. This process can cause some darkening of colors such as red and white. The red may deepen to more of a wine color and the white may have a more yellow/vintage feel. Overall, your flowers and greenery are experiencing extreme chemical reactions and might change through the encasing process. Something else to remember is that photos from your wedding day might not reflect your flowers true colors.

Those clear spots are bruises. Flowers are handled a LOT, from the person who picked it, the florist, the photographer, and then well loved the day of the wedding. These bruises can show up at any time and then are exposed by the resin poured on them. We do our best to handle flowers with care and touch delicate petals as little as possible. Things you can do to prevent this are keeping your flowers safely in a vase with water after the ceremony and being careful to not lay on them their side at any point. You can also let your florist know that the flowers will be preserved and that you would like the flowers to be as fresh as possible.

All resin will unfortunately amber overtime due to the fact that it is a polymer. We use what we have found to be the most clear and quality resin available, which does contain UV inhibitors. The UV inhibitors help delay any yellowing from UV exposure, but it’s best to keep your pieces out of areas with direct sunlight and elevated temperatures.

Yes! We are happy to receive flowers shipped to the studio. We will send you instructions through email upon your booking. These flowers will need to be overnighted to our location in middle Tennessee which can cost between $50-$250.

All sales of custom items are final.

If order is canceled at least three months before your flower arrival date, we will refund everything except a retainer fee of $300.

If requesting a cancellation within three months of your reserved date no refunds are accepted. There are no expectations to this due to Contractor preparing and buying materials before starting on the order.

Client may reschedule services with at least thirty days notice without any additional fees.

Gift Cards are non-refundable.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here 

Thank you for trusting us with your precious moments, we understand that there are often questions about the delicate process of floral preservation. Please email us at hello@nashvillefloralpreservation.com if you have any other questions.

– Every Reason | Nashville Floral Preservation

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